Project New Teaching & Learning in Mental Health (Teach2Heal) has following objectives:

  1. improve the competences of our students regarding reflective ability in real life work-based-learning models
  2. motivate our teams to a recovery oriented practice & build an organizational context of mental health well being
  3. inspire teachers & staff into a growing mindset of reflective teaching & leadership

Project Teach2Heal started 1st September 2018 and will finish 31st August 2021.

We promised to provide as result EU manual „New Teaching & Learning in Mental Health“ with inovative guidelines

– the learning ward as format for work-based-learning (WBL)
– coaching entrepreneurship & qualitative self determination in WBL
– approaches creating a teachers growth mind-set for reflective teaching
– guidelines to integrate a recovery oriented practice in organizations

During the project four transnational project meetings, four staff training events and three multiplier events will be organized and manual mentioned above will be delivered.

4 staff training events:

Czech Republic:


Icebath to take teaching to a higher level
Recovery: encouraging hope
Self determination: on basic life competences (due to Denmark partner had to quit the parnership this event will be provided by Belgian partners)
The learning ward: a challenge for WBL